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How many blogs can you write for us?

If you decide to work with us, this is probably the most common question we get. If you possess sufficient knowledge and experience in creating quality articles that are well researched and engaging for our users, it is possible for you to write for us regularly. It is very important to remember that the number of articles you’ll write for us will completely depend on your writing quality and passion.

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Readers will always be attracted to great content…

Content is the main focus of a website, as you are probably aware. Original and creative content is very important to us. Therefore, we are providing some guidelines for writers who wish to write for us.

  • Plagiarism-free content is the only content we accept. We check content for plagiarism using a paid tool. In the event of plagiarism, your blog will be returned to you for modification or may even be rejected.
  • Upon publishing your blog on our website, you cannot share it with anyone else. Neither can you publish it anywhere else.
  • Perhaps you have heard the phrase “It is important to make a good first impression”. Always begin your content with something that stands out. Additionally, you may add bullet points, subheadings, and paragraphs, if needed. Your content will be more readable if these elements are included.
  • Ensure that the content is at least 600 words. 600+ word articles will always get priority.
  • The content should be written in English without any grammatical mistakes, and the sentence structure must be appropriate.
  • We reserve the right to edit your content to a minor extent and may insert outbound links at a later date. 
  • We would appreciate some sample articles related to smart devices if you are comfortable with our guidelines.

We invite you to submit your content:

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